Recycling PET containers helps reduce our IMPACT on the ENVIRONMENT

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  • 1. - High Mechanical Resistance
  • 2. - Shine and Transparency
  • 3. - Barrier against CO2 and other gases
  • 4. - Good slippage coefficient
  • 5. - Light
  • 6. - Odorless and flavorless
  • 7. - 100 % Recyclable

Compared Advantages: PET vs. Glass Packaging

1. - Lightweight: the weight of a PET container compared to a glass container saves shipping costs due to its lighter weight, which in turn, allows for more product quantity to be shipped at less expense.

2. - Safety: The handling of PET packaging is much safer than that of glass containers since there is no possible breakage involved. This represents a great advantage in food packaging; the risk of production line breakage is eliminated.

3. - Reduced handling losses, whether on the production line or during transport to distribution locations.

4. - UV ray resistance additives can be added without affecting food packaging transparency or functionality